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Nov 7,2015
Minutes of the Meeting
of the Suncoast Chapter of the Florida Trail Association
at Potts Preserve, Inverness, Fl
Saturday, November 7, 2015

Chapter Chair, Sue Bunge, called the meeting to order at 2 p.m. and welcomed all attendees, thanking everyone for their help with the workday activities. Susan Hanlon took the meeting minutes in Marilyn Grossman’s absence.


Prior chapter minutes from the May meeting are available on the chapter website for review. Motion made and seconded to approve.


Lenny Chew, Vice Chairman, reported on the ongoing development of two new trails created at Terra Ceia State Park with possible camp facilities. A work party will be formed between now and 2015 end. A meet-up will be listed for volunteers, and it will be an FTA member only event.


Kathy Hancock, Treasurer, gave the following report

Beginning Balance: $3175.74
Income: 201.24
Expenses: (1534.14)
Current balance: $1842.80

Motion was made and seconded to accept treasurer’s report as read.


No new members present. First time visitor JalehSiyan welcomed.


Potts – Section leader, Linda Dawson, thanked everyone for participating in the workday events and stated the trails now look great. Thank you to her son-in-law for the wonderful pork lunch.

Citrus – Mowed and blazed.

Croom – Mowed and blazed.

Richloam – Justin Sparks, Section Leader, reported it will be mowed soon. Upcoming work parties will be formed.

Upper Hillsborough – Mowed. Some touch-ups to be done in November and December.

Green Swamp –Ralph Hancock reported all 30 miles mowed, including campground.

Little Manatee – Needs a lot of help, in bad shape. Work party will be formed to re-build a 22-foot section of bridge.

Myakka – Bill Martin, Section Leader, reported work parties scheduled, the first one for December.


Wes C. reported on a long-range plan betweenFTA and Florida Fish & Wildlife to create a new trail route from Perry Oldenburg to Chinsegut in Brooksville. He mowed and re-blazed Perry Oldenburg.

New Activity Leader Arlene Winnick will focus on organizing Starkey and W. Pasco County events, which will include easier hikes.

Lenny reiterated the need for less strenuous hikes to attract families with children and is seeking activity leaders. He also encouraged activity leaders to post their ideas and activities directly on Meet-up.

The next training for tools will be in the Spring.

Upcoming events:

· Thanksgiving work weekend November 20, 2015 at Little Manatee
· Annual Christmas Party, December 12, 2015 at Withlacoochee River Park
· Stone Soup, January 16, 2016 at Hillsborough State Park
· FTA’s 50th Anniversary, March 16th, Tillis Hill, Citrus County.

Sue began collecting money for 30 spots which had been reserved for the 50th Anniversary event. Campsites first come, first serve, $20 each (2 people per site), $10 for seniors. Deposits non-refundable and must be paid by January 31st. Pavilion and Dining Hall will be available.

Kevin made a motion to adjourn, which was seconded by Marty. Motion passed and meeting adjourned.
May 23,2015
Minutes of the Meeting
of the Suncoast Chapter of the Florida Trail Association
at Potts Preserve, Inverness
Saturday, May 23, 2015

Chapter Chair, Sue Bunge, called the meeting to order at 1:25 pm and welcomed all attendees, thanking everyone for their help with the workday activities.


Chapter minutes from the March meeting were summarized. A motion was made and seconded to approve minutes as read.Minutes are posted on the chapter website for review.


LennyChew, Vice Chairman, noted that our Chapter has been invited by the Florida State Park Service to be involved in the ongoing development of Terra Ceia Preserve State Park in Manatee County. A ranger-led meeting and workday is scheduled for June 13. This event is posted on our Meetup website.

Martin Banspach noted that there are lots of opportunities for outdoor activities in Manatee County.


Sue gave the treasurer’s report in Kathy Hancock’s absence.

Beginning balance: $4,029.95
Income 317.50
Expenses (1,171.71)
Current balance: $3,175.74

Motion was made and seconded to accept treasurer’s report as read.


Potts – Section leader, Linda Dawson, thanked everyone for their hard work on this workday and stated trail is in good condition for summer. Also thanked her son-in-law for cooking our lunch.

Croom – all good, trail blazes are in the new color

Richloam – reblazed and in good condition

Upper Hillsborough – needs some work. Section leader, Justin Sparks planning to work on the trails over the summer

Citrus – blazed

Little Manatee – waiting for permits to make repairs and reblaze

Myakka – waiting for new trail marker signs


New Members present: Liz Brown, Bob Doskoez.


Sue led a discussion about the FTA’s 50th anniversary next year, noting that the 2016 FTA Conference will be held in the Fall instead of Spring. She asked all to think about what our chapter can do to commemorate the event…special activities, hikes, etc.

Phyllis Jackson was presented with a commemorative FTA mug in honor of 25 years of FTA membership.

National Trail Day is June 6. A hike is scheduled at Dead River on that day.

It was noted that Mike Williams has taken on the Constant Contact position and Ed Schindle is a new activity leader.

Lenny noted that we need more hike leaders. Anyone interested should check with him about what’s involved.

Sue reviewed positions that are still open within our chapter.

There is a trail skills workshop in September which includes training in using a chainsaw.It was noted that one does not need to be an FTA member to attend trail skills course.

Lenny made a motion to adjourn and Mitch seconded…the motion passed and the meeting was adjourned.
March 14,2015
Minutes of the Meeting
of the Suncoast Chapter of the Florida Trail Association
atLower Hillsborough Wilderness Preserve, Thonotosassa
Saturday, March 14, 2015

Former Chapter Chair, Ralph Hancock, opened the meeting with the passing of the gavel to New Chapter Chair, Sue Bunge. Sue welcomed all attendees.

Sue introduced the rest of the chapter committee team. They are:
Lenny Chew, Vice Chair
Kathy Hancock, Treasurer
Marilyn Grossman, Secretary and acting Membership Chair
Ralph Hancock, Trail Maintenance Coordinator

Sue reviewed leadership positions that are still available, including: Membership chair, Hike leaders, PR person for Western Corridor, Constant Contact, Presentations at Bill Jacksons. Please see one of the current officers if you are interested


Marilyn summarized the minutes of the January chapter meeting. Minutes are posted on the chapter website for review.


New FTA members were recognized and received an FTA patch. New members present were Frank Guckian and Cynthia Leahy-Fernandez. Lenny noted that maintenance at Little Manatee State Park was just finished and Upper Hillsborough is being worked on.


Beginning balance: $1,614.21
Income 2,572.62
Expenses ( 156.88)
Current balance: $4,029.95


Ralph reported that our chapter is in the process of making the trail marker color changes in our district. All trail sections are in good shape and if not already re-blazed, they are in the process. Ralph also reminded the group that one must be a member of FTA and a certified trail leader in order to lead hikes.


A motion was made by Tom Hammond that the Chapter Chair and Trail Maintenance Co-ordinator be reimbursed for expenses incurred for going to FTA conferences and meetings. Lenny Chew seconded. After discussion, the motion passed. On Saturday morning Janice Shindle created a pastel painting of the camp site and donated it to our Chapter to auction off after the chapter meeting. It sold for $40, which was donated to the Chapter. Ralph explained Constant Contact to the group and asked for a volunteer to take that position. Tom made a motion to adjourn and Ralph seconded…the motion passed and the meeting was adjourned.
January 10,2015
Florida Trail Association
Suncoast Chapter Minutes
January 10, 2015   Stone Soup
1. Call to order:  The meeting was called to order at 1:00 by our chapter chairperson, Ralph Hancock. The minutes from the last meeting in November were approved and up for review on our web site. New members were recognized as were our guests. Ralph also thanked the Girl Scout Troop 618 for all their help with our Stone Soup.
2. Treasurer Report: Kathy Hancock treasurer
Beginning Balance:   $1,180.43
Income: $949.13
Expenses: $515.35
Current Balance: $1,614.21

3. Old Business:  Ralph stated that we will hopefully be getting a reimbursement from the state for trail work being done on the bridge connections in Citrus and alsofor new memberships.

4. New Business:  Florida Wildlife Wildlife people coming from GreenSwamp to Richloam track and also will be doing a public paddle from Silver Lake.More information on the above web site.   Our Suncoast Minutes are now being posted on our web site.  Sandra Friend has posted an interactive web site about the Florida National Scenic Trail.  It may be downloaded in 8 segments.

5. Trail Report:

Potts Preserve: Linda Dawson: Good shape
Citrus track: Neil Fox and Gordy Hawkins: Good Shape, has been blazed.
Croom: Tom Hogan: Good with new blazing
Upper Hillsborough: Justin Sparks: Blazed
Hillsborough River State Park: Lenny Chew: Maintenance done today. 
Richloam track:  Justin Sparks:  two miles left to mow.
Green Swamp:  Good
Withlacoochee River Park:  Charles Edwards:  Good
Little Manatee River State Park:  Jay Gould:  Can't get to some on the trailbecause of water.
Myakka River State Park:  Bill Martin:  Good shape

6.  Open Floor:

Our new officers were recognized:  
Sue Bunge:  Chapter Chair
Lenny Chew:  Vice Chair
Marilyn Grossman:  Secretary
Ralph Hancock:  Trail Coordinator
Kathy Hancock:  Treasurer
Sue Bunge gave Ralph Hancock and Cathy Muckler thank you cards for their work as Chapter Chair and Secretary.  

7. Adjourn A motion was made to adjourn by Lenny Chew.  Meeting adjourned at 1:05pm

Cathy Muckler, Secretary
Suncoast Chapter
November 15,2014
Florida Trail Association
Suncoast Chapter
November 15, 2014

1. The meeting was called to order at 1:48 by our Chapter Chair Person
Ralph Hancock. The minutes from the last meeting were up for review
and approved. The meeting took place at Little Manatee River State Park.
New members and first time visitors were recognized. Karen Flannagan,
Whitney Mizell, and Michele Carrolls foster child Shayla. Our thanks
went out to Wes Calhoun for getting the turkeys and preparing them. Also
our thanks went out to all for the wonderful side dishes to go along with
our turkey dinner.

2. Treasurers Report by Kathy Hancock
From 9/20/2014 to 11/15/2014
Beginning Balance: $1,947.42
Imcome: $46.00
Expenses: $812.99
Current Balance $1,181.53

3. Old Business:
Ralph Hancock stated,
our rebate money has stopped due to trying to balance the budget of the FTA
which has fallen short of funds for sometime. Thankfully, the FTA budget
is close to being balanced again.

4. New Business:
The blazing of the National Scenic Trail in Florida will remain orange. All
other trail that we maintain will have the blazes painted a different color.
Cross trails will remain blue.
Up coming events are the December Christmas party at the Withlachoochee River
Park on Dec. 12, 13, 14 with camping available at the group site.
Also Stone Soup event in the Hillsborough River State Park on January 9,10,11
with camping available at the group site.

5. Trail Report:
Potts: Linda Dawson: Bridge almost complete.
Citrus:Neil Fox and Gordy Hawkins: Good shape
Croom: Tom Hogan: Just mowed.
Richloam:Mitch Almon: Handed over to Justin Sparks: Getting work
party together. Some water on trails.
Green Swamp: Good
Upper Hillsborough: Justin Sparks: Good shape
Hillsborough River: Lenny Chew: Needs work.
Little Manatee River SP: Jay Gould: Needs work due to water problems.
Myakka River State Park: Bill Martin: Did mowing and blazing. Will post
work weekends.
Withlacoochee River Park: Charles Edwards: Good
Ralph stated that we have 220 miles of trails from Inverness to Sarasota to maintain.
A motion was made to end the meeting by Martin Banspach.
The meeting was Adjourned at 2:20.

Cathy Muckler

Secretary, Suncoast Chapter of the FTA
September 30,2014
Florida Trail Association
Suncoast Chapter Minutes
September 30, 2014

1. The meeting was called to order at 1:00 by our Chapter Chair person,
Ralph Hancock.
The minutes from our last meeting in May,2014 were up for review and approved.
The meeting took place at Silver Lake Rec. area.

2. New members were recognized and they are Pettie Sparks,Mark Bartholomew,Martin
Banspach, Robert Conklin. As of July 1,2014, our reimbursement for new members
will begin again. We have 399 memberships and 529 members.

3. Treasurers Report by our Treasurer, Kathy Hancock
From 5/17/2014 To 9/20/2014
Beginning Balance: $3,013.72
Income: $170.00
Expenses: $1,236.72
Current Balance: $1,947.42

4. Old business: -

5. New Business:
Ralph Hancock mentioned that Lois Vegas daughter Tammy passed away in September after a
long illness with breast cancer. There will be a celebration of life for Tammy
on October 4th in Floral City.
The new connector bridge from Dunnelion into Marion County is complete.
Florida State Trail Association and the US Forest Sercvice have asked us to
change all the connectoror loop trails to another color other then Orange. The Orange Blaze
will mark only the National Scenic Trail.
Bill Jacksons presentations: Anyone having any suggestions for a presentation should
contact Ruth Rogg.
Linda Dawson announced that she is having her annual work weekend on October 31,2014.
She will need people to help build a boardwalk in Potts Preserve. There will be camping
and a hog roast after the work.
The Florida Restore Act: Linda Heart is trying to put in for reimbursement for the BP
oil spill. Funding will go towards Douglas Creek or other various projects.

6. Trail Report:
Potts: Linda Dawson: Work weekend on Oct 31. to build a boardwalk.
Citrus: Neil Fox and Gordy Hawkins: Good shape
Croom: Tom Hogan: Good Shape
Richloam:Mitch Almon now Justin Sparks: Good with some wet spots
Green Swamp: Good
Upper Hillsborough: Justin Sparks: Getting work parties together.
Hillsborough River: Needs work
Little Manatee River SP: Jay Gould: Needs some work.
Myakka State Park: Bill Martin: Did mowing. Will be posting for work weekends.
Withlacoochee River Park: Charles Edwards: Good
Ralph thanked Alan Bailey for his orienteering.

7. We will be up for new board member elections in January.
Sue Bungee: Chapter Chair
Lenny Chew: Vice Chair
Marilyn Grossman: Secretary
Ralph Hancock: Trail Coordinator
Kathy Hancock: Treasurer
A motion was made to end the meeting by Linda Dawson. Meeting was Adjourned at 1:37.

Cathy Muckler

Secretary, Suncoast Chapter
May 17,2014
MAY 17, 2014 MINUTES

1. The meeting was called to order at l:00 by our chapter chair person Ralph Hancock.
The minutes from the last meeting in March were up for review and approved.
The meeting took place at Starkey Wilderness Park in New Port Richey Fl.

2. We have four new members. Our membership is at 390.

3. Treasurers Report:
From 3/15/14 - 5/17/14
Beginning Balance: $ 3,635.44
Income: $ 37.00
Expenses: $ 658.72
Current Balance: $3,013.72
Low income due to no rebates being sent out to the Chapters.

4. Old Business:
A reminder to fill out your profile sheet and send it up to Gainsville. It helps the person
speed up the reporting of hrs . Go to and get the reporting sheet.

5. New Business:
National Trails Day: June 7, 2014.
Looking for activity leaders to maybe lead hikes on that day.
Dunnellon Fl. had a dedication of a ribbon cutting for the opening of the Withlacoochee
Bridge which was completed after 15 years. Quite a few of our members attended the ceremony.
Katie Michie has volunteered to help with our computer work.
A presentation at Bill Jacksons : Leave No Trace will be on June 2.

6. Trail Reports:
Potts preserve: Good shape. Linda would like to host an October Halloween Event.
Citrus: Neil Fox and Gordy Hawkins: Good shape
Croom: Tom Hogan: Good.
Richloam: Mitch Almon: Some wet spots.
Green Swamp: Good
Upper Hillsborough: Justin Sparks: Still needs work. Will be posting a work and
camp week.
Little Manatee River: mowing taking place.
Hillsborough River state pk. Allen Bailley can not longer stay on as section leader
for the park. We appreciate and thank Allen for all that he did.
Withlacoochee River Prk. Charles Edwards: good
Myakka State Park: Mowing has been done.

7. Motion to close. Meeting adjourned at 1:45.

Cathy Muckler

Secretary for Suncoast Chapter of FTA
March 15, 2014
Florida Trail Association
Suncoast Chapter
March 15, 2014 Minutes

1. The meeting was called to order at 1:16 on 3/15/14 by our Chapter Chair person,Ralph
Hancock. There were 18 members present. Minutes were approved by Mitch Almon.

2. New/old members: Dale and Debra Meyer have now rejoined the FTA. Perry de Venecia
who came for the day took some great pictures.

3. Treasurers Report:
Beginning Balance $3,37.82
Income $783.55 (Stone Soup Auction)-Donations
Expenses $525.93
Current Balance $3,635.44

4. New Business:
Chapter to discuss making of business cards with our web site and emergency
information on back. Costs discussed at 80.00 per 1,000. Berry Kaufman notioned to get
more details and prices.

5. Discussion on how to get more membership. Suggestions included, more activity leaders,
Maybe try to recruit 100 members in 6 weeks and give a gift certificate from a store
like Home Depot,etc. Also maybe having a Facebook page to bring awareness.

6. Trail Report:
Justin Sparks: Our new Upper Hillsborough Wildlife Refuge Area section leader reported
work was just done on this trail. It was mowed and blazed and is now ready to hike.
Alan Baily: Hillsborough River section leader. Trails need work and a new section leader.
Mitch Almon: Richloam section leader. Worked and ready to hike. Also Croom is in hiking
Neil Fox: Citrus section leader. Good condition
Jay Gould: Little Manatee River State Park section leader. Jay is recovering from
eye surgery and will be having a work day there soon.
Bill Martin: Myakka is in super shape for hiking.

7.FTA News:
State Conference had few from our Chapter that attended. About 400 attended.
Only two employees in the office who can handle the issues presented to them. Please
be patient and keep trying.
FTA has decreased there expenses and will hopefully break even financial this year.

8. A motion was made to adjourn by Berry Kaufman
Meeting adjourned at 2:00. on 3/15/14

Cathy Muckler

Suncoast Chapter Secretary
January 25, 2014
JANUARY 25,2014

The meeting was called to order at 12:45 by our Chapter Chair person, Ralph Hancock.
The minutes are soon to be up for review on our web site.
TREASURERS REPORT: Read from our Treasurer: Kathy Hancock

Beginning Balance: $2,616.11

Income: $2,670.00 FTA rebate=$1,610.00 +chapter donation=$402.00+ mower reimbursement=$658.00

Expenses: $1,908.29

Current Balance: $3,377.82

Ralph recognized some of the older members of the FTA which are: Marion Pyotsia, Dick Johnson,
Art and Wilma Schwendeman,Fred and Barbara Mulholland and Phyllis Jackson,Charles Hamberger,
Charles Edwards.

Chair to discuss business:

1.No rebates from January through June. The second quarter rebates will include only new
members, not renewals.
2.Ralph had invited Carlos Schomaker to our annual Stone Soup Meeting, but he had to cancel.
We will send out another invitation to him for March.
3.Ralph stated that the FTA budget which had a negative balance in the past should now be
balanced due to raising money from contributions.
4. If you have issues with the FTA and having trouble getting a response, please be patient.
there are only two people who are responsible for replying to issues.
5. The Annual FTA conference is March 7-9th. It will be held at Camp McConnell this year.
Lots of fun and information. Camping, hiking, food are all available. Go to
to register.
6. Our banners have been located and are back. We do not need to buy new ones.
7. Active members, please fill out a Volunteer Profile and report hrs to Megan Donoghue,especially on the
scenic trail.
8. Our membership has 391 and 528 members.


Linda Dawson from Potts Preserve is doing some building of a boardwalk. Jay Gould will be the Section Leader
of Little Manatee River State Park.
Ralph reminded us that elections will be coming up next year. Keep in mind we will need a
new Chapter Chair,treasurer and secretary.
Our next meeting will be held on March 15,2014 at Oakridge off Morris Bridge Road.,
A motion was made to adjourn by Ruth Rogg. Meeting adjourned at 1:30.

Cathy Muckler,

Suncoast Chapter Secretary
Sep 21, 2013
Saturday, September 21,2013 Silver Lake Recreation Area

The meeting was called to order at 1:08 by our Chapter Chair person, Ralph Hancock.
There were approximately 40 in attendance. The minutes from the last meeting were
available for review and a motion was made to approve them.

We have six new members since our last meeting and they are: Brian and Kate Michie, Cheryl Holland, Bob and Joy Bostrom, Howard Kemp. Welcome!

The Supervisor of Forestry in the Croom/Richloom spoke for a few minutes about how
appreciated all our efforts are in working on the trails in that area. George who
is a volunteer also works along side the Supervisor and is responsible for most of the work
getting done. The Division Of Forestry is now called The Florida Forest Service.

Treasure report:

Beginning Balance: $3979.40

Income: $51.00

Expense $1163.35

Current Balance: $2,867.05

Ralph mentioned that part of our expenses consisted of a donation of $300.00 to the
funding of Florida's Water and Land Legacy. Ralph or Lenny Chew our Vice Chapter Chair, will
send out an email with all the information about getting the Amendment put on the
Ballot which needs your signature. This is in regards to the Land Acquisition Trust
Fund which was mentioned at our previous meeting.

New Business:

A First Aid Class was available free of charge,paid for by FTA. About ten FTA members
signed up for the July 13 class. All received there CPR and First Aid Certificates.

This year has been busy for the activity leaders with 70 events as of September.

A chain saw class will be available on October 16,17. The Hylands Hammock Chapter will
sponsor this.

Ruth Rogg has volunteered to set up presentations at Bill Jacksons Adventure in
Pinelles. The first event will be on October 7, at 6:00. The Florida National Scenic Trail is the topic,
presented by Ralph Hancock.

We will have these presentations every month or two. Ruth will post this information on Meet up.

Pasco Fun Fest will be coming up on November 8,2013. Karen Hill and Amanda Haus have volunteered
to set up a station with FTA information. This is at Starkey Park in New Port Richey.
Anyone who is interested in helping out please contact Karen. Lots of fun.

Megan Donahue, Volunteer Program Coordinator for the FTA, has asked all workers on the trails to fill out a profile which she
was sent out in an email. Please fill out the long form. You can get a copy on the FTA web site/Megan Donahue.

Some of the FTA staff has made a challenge to raise needed funding for the FTA. Howard Pardue has challenged the
Board of Directors to double his donation of $2,500.00. They have done that and then challenged the Chapters to also raise
$7,500.00. We are proud to say that in a matter of seconds we raised a total of $520.00 at our meeting. The donators
were: Ralph Hancock, Dee Pullen, Mich Almon,Jay Gould and Alligator Bob Young who matched the donation.

Leny Chew, our Vice Chair person, also suggested we post some special events for FTA members
only. This might help increase the membership.

Some members received Tee shirts and a letter from the FTA for working on part of the National
Scenic Trail.

Trail Report:

Allen Bailey: Hillsborough River State Park: Hasn't checked.
Tom Hogan: Croom: worked
Mitch Almon: Richloom: hiking is fair
Linda Dawson: Potts Perserve: Ready in November
Ralph Hancock: Green Swamp West: good

Open floor: Linda Dawson suggested we add our miles to the work hrs we put in . Adding it
to the sign up sheet will help keep track.

Please check the Constant Contact on the FTA web site if you are not getting the emails.

A reminder to sign the Water and Land Conservation Legacy.

A motion was made to close the meeting.
Meeting was adjourned at 1:55 pm.
Submitted by
Cathy Muckler
May 18, 2013
Florida Trail Association
Suncoast Chapter Meeting
May 18, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 12:00 pm on May 18,2013 by our Chapter Chair person Ralph Hancock.

The minutes which were up for review and are also posted on our web site, were approved.

New members were recognized : David and Santana Harris, Jack and Pam Hexter. Also Melissa Bruneau, a member of the Heartland Chapter, joined our group and brought a Trailrider which is the first of it's kind in Florida. She also gave an excellent demo on it.

Chapter Financial Report

From: 03/09/2013 to 05/18/2013

Beginning Balance: $4101.57
Income: $225.00
Expenses: $347.17
Current Balance: $3979.40

Old Business:

Volunteer work hours need to be reported. Tom Hogan suggests reporting them around the 10th of the month to give enough time to document. Old hours may also be reported.

New Business:

Ralph talked about a First Aid Training Course available to all members. Only need six people from the Chapter to participate for a Saturday class. There is no cost to individuals. The FTA will pay for it from the Federal budget. Please notify Ralph or Alan Bailey who has more information.

Also Ralph mentioned that in order to use a chain saw on our trails, you must be certified. A certificate is available after completion of a chain saw course, also provided by the FTA.

Our Chapter has now had 51 meetup events posted this year. This is vey impressive. We thank all activity leaders!

Our web site is up and running. David Waldrop of the Heartland Chapter has found a third party who can work and organize our own program for a small fee. Footnotes, minutes, and activities will be posted there. Ruth Rogg is volunteering to get the Footnotes out to those who don't have access to the computer.

An inexpensive way to communicate with members is through Constant Contact. Ralph asked for an approval to set up the communication with our members for a 126.00 fee per yr.for 500 emails. A motion was made to approve and seconded by Lenny Chew.

We always need new activity leaders. A guide book is also available. Members who qualify also need to do two hikes with two different activity leaders.

Ralph suggested that we might be able to take urban children for the day and share in our
activities. This would give them an opportunity
to learn about the trails and outdoor activities. Someone stated that the Sierra Club has a similar program.

Trail Reports:

Potts Preserve: good
Citrus Track: good
Croom Track: Needs some blazing otherwise good.
Richloom: Needs some mowing.
Green Swamp: good
Hillsborough: Started work
Little Manatee: good
Myakka State Park: good

Ralph asked for a motion to adjourn
Meeting was adjourned at 12:50 on 5/18/2013

Cathy Muckler
Secretary/ Suncoast Chapter
March 9, 2013

March 9, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 3:00 on March 9,2013 by our new Chapter Chair person:  Ralph Hancock.  The meeting took place at Dan and Jan Parkers property.   There were approximitly 22 persons present. 

  The minutes from the last meeting were available for review and a motion was made to approve them by Lois Vega and a second motion was made by Jay Gould.   Kevin Dodd introduced himself and thanked Tom Hammond, our past Chapter Chair Person, for all the hard work he did for 3 1/2 years to help make our Suncoast Chapter a success.  Kevin also introduced Ralph Hancock as our new Chapter Chair Person. Ralph also thanked Tom Hammond and also Dan and Jan Parker for the use of there property for the weekend.
  Order of Business:
   Treasurers Report: Suncoast Chapter Financial Report: 01/12/2013-03/09/2013
   Beginning Balance:   $2501.66
   Income:                    $1868.00
   Expenses:                $268.09
   Current Balance      $4101.57
   Income includes:
                   1/12/2013 = Stone Soup Auction and Donations= $708.00
                   1/24/2013 = Rebate money from the FTA $1,160.00
     Ralph stressed the inportance of getting new members. We get a 5 dollar rebate for every member who joins the FTA in our Suncoast Chapter.   This money is used for the repair of equiment, gas, and to build and maintain the trails that we enjoy.  Ralph also stated our need for new leadership for our Chapter in the future.  Our need for more Activity leaders is also a  priority. A copy of the Activity Leader Guide is available on request from Ralph Hancock.
  Open Floor:   Lenny and Ralph spoke about updating our website so we can get out important information to the members such as :  Maps, upcoming meetings,date,times, minutes from the previous meetings and important announcements,etc.
  Ralph mentioned that Lois Vega is working of a petition to bring a ballot titled:   Water and Land Conservation-which dedicates funds to acquire and restore Florida conservation and recreation lands. Ruth Rogg proposed our chapter members support  the Water and Land Conservation and Mitch Almon seconded it.  300,000 votes are needed to get on the ballot.    Ralph stated that the Western Corridor of the FTA will stay on the map.  The funding from the Federal US Forest Service will go to the completion of the Eastern Corridor which is the priority as of now.  This will take years to complete.  Ralph thanked Elizabeth (treehouseyoga)  for all her efforts and hard work to make the Forest Service aware of how important the western corridor is to the FTA and our Chapter.  Her work has paid off. 
  Sherry Keller will continue to record the hours worked from the volunteers and Activity leaders.  Linda Dawson stated that these hours should also include the miles to and from the work site. Adding these times to the sign up sheet will make it easier to calculate.
  Ruth Rogg will continue to put together activitiy programs at Bill Jackson's Store. Any suggestions are appreciated.  Please contact Ruth.
  We have added two new sponsors to our Meetup site.  They are as follows:   Tampa Bay Outfitters  and Go to Outfitters.   Our next meeting will be on May 18,2013.   Lenny Chew will be setting up the location.
  Ralph Hancock asked for someone to close the meeting.

  Ruth Rogg motioned we ajourn.
  Meeting was ajourned at 3:50pm on January 9, 2013

Cathy Muckler, Secretary