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Day Hike - Morris Bridge Wilderness Park - June 25, 2009

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Thanks to Amanda Hus for this hike Report.

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June 25, 2009
Morris Bridge Wilderness Park
Led by Lili Kaufmann

We began a nice 8:30 AM hike, trying to avoid the heat of the day. Nice group of 6 or 7 folks.
Enjoyed the beginning shade of the bridge and board walk, then the shade of the trees. The river was quite full, with the side sloughs being filled with more water than I had seen in a long time. Lovely display of spider webs glinting in the sunshine along the river's edge.
Part of the trail, Lili took us on, went to a couple sink holes. She gave us a nice lesson on how and why sink holes are formed. We also learned how a pump system is being installed to provide more fresh water. I noticed a crude wooden ladder rising up one of the trees, leading to an old rotted rope swing. Once upon a time a wonderful swimming hole for local kids. I found it to be quite a juxtaposition.
We walked at a spirited rate and finished by once again going under the shady bridge and board walk. Our bag lunches were enjoyed at a very civilized picnic table. The numerous squirrels boldly begged close by. But we reserved our feeding of nature to back along the trail when the mosquitoes freely fed on several of us, despite spray and long sleeved shirts!
Another wonderful day to be outside!

Amanda Hus