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Citrus Hiking Trail - Withlacoochee State Forest

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Citrus Hiking Trail
Citrus Kodak Moment
Photo by Neil Fox
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The Citrus Hiking Trail is located about 15 miles north of Brooksville and southwest of Inverness. From Brooksville, travel north on US 41 to CR 481. Take CR 481 north (it will become CR 581 when you enter Citrus County) to FR 16 to enter the Mutual Mine Recreation Area where you will find the trailhead at the edge of the campground, next to the rest rooms. You can also continue farther north on CR 581 to Trail 10, which will take you to the Holder Mine Recreation Area. The trailhead is located on the south side of FR 10 near the intersection of FR 10 and FR 9.

There are four connected loop trails totaling about 47 miles. The main hiking trails are marked with an orange blaze. The side trails and crossover trails are marked with a blue blaze. We share this area with horse riders and their trails which have a single or double painted band twelve inches high which goes all the way around the tree. The hiking trails are closed to horses, but hikers are permitted to use the horse trails.

The newly designated section on the Florida National Scenic Trail in Citrus County begins on CR 480 and continues north, following the east side of the loop trails. After a half mile road walk on CR 581 (signed and marked) it goes through Whispering Pines Park and connects to the Withlacoochee State Trail.

Citrus tract is a dry site. You must carry in all your water. A water tap is available at Holder Mine, Mutual Mine and Tillis Campgrounds. There is no other potable water available on the property. There are three primitive campgrounds located on B, C and D loops.

Visit Citrus Wildlife Management for information about wildlife you might see in Citrus.

Map of Citrus Hiking Trail
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Citrus Kodak Moments
Citrus Kodak Moment Citrus Kodak Moment
Citrus Kodak Moment Citrus Kodak Moment
Citrus Kodak Moment Citrus Kodak Moment
Photos by: Neil Fox
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